November 7th, 2016

black cat

Тест на детектива :)

Нашла интересный Гринвичско-Кембриджский тестик на запоминание и распознавание лиц. Если пройти полностью все 4 теста и у вас окажутся феноменальные способности, то даже работу в Лондоне в области криминалистики могут предложить.

Это мои результаты. Неплохо, но в Лондон вряд ли пригласят :).

You scored 12 out of 14

For your information based on the first 1,000,000 participants on the 14-trial 'fun' Grid Test you took first:

0.71% scored 14 (maximum)
4.84% scored 13 and above

15.34% scored 12 and above
33.91% scored 11 and above
55.09% scored 10 and above

Note: The 14-trial 'fun' test is not diagnostic of true face recognition ability- we have found that a few super-recognisers (as measured by follow up tests) score as low as 10 out of 14 (although most score above this), sometimes due to slow image loading times, which is why we designate this mark as "possibly indicative of super-recognition ability". However, there is a high correlation between performance on this test and other face recognition tests.

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