November 28th, 2015


Вечная память...

Article by: Bohdana Kostyuk

Fear of dying of starvation has led many Ukrainians to believe that when it comes to choosing between “bread or freedom” it is best to choose “bread”.

Countless Ukrainians died of hunger in June of 1933 – every minute, more than twenty persons; every hour, more than fourteen hundred people and every day, thirty-four and a half thousand. These data, presented by the Institute of National Remembrance of Ukraine mark only the tip of the iceberg of the Ukrainian tragedy called Holodomor. Not only did the Holodomor claim millions of lives, but earlier it destroyed the nation’s elite, the country’s best representatives in all spheres of life. When the physical annihilation was over, the Holodomor syndrome was “programmed” to make millions of survivors fear death by starvation, and taught people to hide any manifestation of Ukrainian identity. Thousands of Ukrainians bear the cross of the Great Famine, remembering the tragedy of their respective families in the context of an overall Ukrainian tragedy.

80 percent of Ukrainians believe that Holodomor 1932-33 was genocide perpetrated against the Ukrainian nation.

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Map of depopulation of Ukraine and southern Russia, 1929-33. Territories in white were not part of the USSR during the famine.