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Какие ужасы пишут, паразиты
Slavsko (or Slavske) is the busiest resort in Ukraine because of easy access by rail, and because it offers a good variety of slopes on scenic Mt Trostian, on the nearby Politekh mountain as well as two tows on Mt Pohar. The three areas are not linked by lifts and are best suited to intermediate and advanced skiers. The serious drawback with skiing here is that the queues can be horrendous at busy times - so bad that it is possible to buy premium rate tickets that allow the holder to jump straight to the front! Much of the problem is down to frequently failing lifts, so with new facilities springing up across the country, investment here should improve things, e.g. The 2km road from Slavsko to the lifts at Mt Trostian is so bad that only truck-taxis use it. A project for Intrawest?!
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